Not out of the clear yet

August 29, 2006

Well I’m in the Carolinas right now. It shouldn’t be too bad but the weather will suck driving back home. God bless to my family in fla.


Google’s version of comedy..

August 11, 2006

While searching google, I noticed the video link above the search box so I clicked on it. I saw a bunch of junk results because my initial search really didn’t apply to video.

O’well since it’s Friday I clicked the Comedy drop down looking for some laughs only to find “Windows Vista Speech Recognition Demo Gone Awry” at the top of the list!” Wow so much for prank phone calls or people stepping on flamming bags of poo. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think the world is searching for this video, plus I wouldn’t have expected it at the top of the comedy section.

Sorry Larry…. 😦 When are you going to be on Channel 9 again?

Almost done….

August 8, 2006

A shot (1 screen) of my most recent project that I shall call…SPMS (Shipping Photo Management System).

The application queries Sql Server for shipment information and provides the client with an interface to store images. The shipment information and images are then saved in Sql Server. They can be queried later through search functions in the app.

The image below is what the client sees when reviewing a shipment. When dealing with internal or external questions the client can email or print photos along with shipment info in an effort to resolve any issues.

SPMS screenshot

Developed in C# using Visual Studio 2003 and Sql Server

First post of many….

August 7, 2006

….well I’d like to think so, but we’ll see what happens. I hope to share some of my code, thoughts about tech and other things in general.