September 12, 2006

I typically don’t keep up with Apple at all, but they anounced some big things today with iTunes. I have a shuffle and my wife has a Nano. Near the end of the linked article below, Steve Jobs anounced a device called iTV (for now). This device will connect to your (HD)TV and connect to a network via 802.11. Through this connection you will be able to interact with any media that you purchased or have access to through iTunes. So any movies, TV shows or music will be accessible on your TV for consumption. The price as of now $299.00.

Why do I like this solution better than Media Center PC? Because I don’t have to buy another computer to achieve the same results. I can use what I have.

Click the link for an more indepth demo and review.


6th Annual Rhythm and Roots Reunion

September 12, 2006

Rhythm and Roots

I don’t enjoy all of the music going on there but the environment is awesome. You should come down, eat with us and hear some music from all over.